Friendships- A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime

Friendships- A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime

Someone once told me that there are people in life for a season, a reason and a lifetime. After binge watching Laguna Beach over Labor Day weekend it got me thinking back to high school days, yesterday years, and friendships. Oh, and all of the LC/Kristin drama. Still can’t believe Kristin went to LC’s beautiful house and didn’t say a word! Can we say rude?

Okay talk time. Friendships as you grow older get tougher. A double tap on Instagram, or a Thumbs on Facebook isn’t the equivalent of Keeping Up with Your Friendship. We now live in the era of social media digital age where sending your friend a funny cat video trumps from actually picking up the phone, going to coffee, or sending a greeting card. “Girl I wished you happy birthday on your Facebook, Didn’t you see it?” I must admit I am guilty of these little informalities as well, however now I find myself in a different place and pace.

I am now at the age where most of my friends are married, engaged, in a serious relationship, or have a child, so scheduling a dinner a month in advance is incredibly valid and necessary. I also work at a Fortune 500 company where I’m trying to advance in my career. PowerPoints and Excel Spreadsheets are my life, so I am definitely busy and my time is valuable. Did I mention I started this blog? So there’s that too.

The Laguna Beach show got me thinking of my friendships throughout the course of my life, and also wishing I could tell my younger self, that it was okay to lose friends. In high school, I lost a chunk of my friends due to some meal girl drama, and left it behind and never looked back. That was my season.

In College I made a whole new group of friends, my reason, and we were all battling out the perils of entering adulthood together. Some of them I still am in touch with today, and others have fell off over the years.
I recently went to Austin for a Bday Trip, and some of my best girlfriends came out and we had an awesome time, and I consider these gals my lifetime!

Are you guys seeing a theme?

Time is a valuable thing, and friendships take the time and work. In Friendships, you’ve got to be around people that uplift you, support you, friends who may be at different stages in their life (i.e. getting married, having children) and will still be by your side, and help you.

If you have a friend that is putting you down, making up stories about you, or (See The Hills- “You Know What You Did”-LC), or just not putting in the simple effort of taking the time to call/text, it’s okay to let people go. Just remember people are in your life for a season meaning a short time, or a reason a certain period in your life, or a lifetime. Those lifetime friends though, you will find them, and they won’t let you go.

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  1. My grandfather used to say “show me your friends and I’ll tell you about yourself.” Such a powerful statement that I feel supports how/ why it’s ok to let go of people. Plus look at LC and Hedi… Yeah that was a real breakup! The shade was real!

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