Friendships- A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime

Someone once told me that there are people in life for a season, a reason and a lifetime. After binge watching Laguna Beach over Labor Day weekend it got me thinking back to high school days, yesterday years, and friendships. Oh, and all of the LC/Kristin drama. Still can’t believe Kristin went to LC’s beautiful house and didn’t say a word! Can we say rude?

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Thirsty Thursday- BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures

Okay so most of you already know I am a fan of Bosscat, however can we talk about their sister restaurant BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures!? One of the major highlights of the place is their spin on your classic drinks, take your average Dr. Pepper, on the menu at BCK, it’s called a “Dr. Feel Good.” What’s in it, you make ask? It’s a combination of Jack Rye, Dr. Pepper Orgeat & Bitters, comes in a DP can, and is incredibly refreshing. I think it’s a great way to relieve the stress of a difficult work day.
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Bringing it On At Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

From the moment you walk in to the whiskey private dining room, and even to the restrooms, this place is head to toe decked in elegant trendy décor. I had been wanting to come Bosscat for awhile and it did not disappoint.

The waitress, servers, busboys are completely attentive, it felt like every 10 minutes they were checking in and refilling our water. Our waitress gave us some fantastic recommendations.

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